Beyond Brick Breaker Fun Games and Entertainment

While BlackBerry has a solid reputation as being a serious business tool, even the busiest executive needs some downtime sooner or later. Whether they confess to it or not, almost everyone who has a BlackBerry has given the built-in BrickBreaker game at least one try. But BrickBreaker is not the final word on fun and games for your BlackBerry. A number of third-party add-on applications have now been developed and are available for download and purchase. These titles range from card games such as Texas Hold 'em to puzzle games, golf scorecards, and even health and fitness programs.

In this chapter, you take a look at a number of representative software programs from different categories. Their subject matter may not be terribly serious, but there is no doubt that some high quality programs are out there if you are willing to take a break from time to time.

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Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and Exercise

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