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After examining the fairly hedonistic world of BlackBerry bartending, let's take a trip in the totally opposite direction and look at a program that's actually nice and healthy for you: Running Log for BlackBerry.

Millions of people run, jog, or walk as part of their regular fitness regimen. Running as an amateur sport went through an explosion of popularity back in the 1970s and continues to gain new and enthusiastic followers each year. Running events such as the New York City Marathon number participants in the tens of thousands and have to actually turn away applicants to keep things manageable.

For runners who are pursuing a goal, such as competing in an event, losing weight, or even just achieving general fitness, many experts advocate the use of a log. A running log is designed to keep notes on when you run, for how long you run, what route you take, and how you feel each time you go out. A runner's log doesn't have to be fancy. It can be as simple as a cheap calendar on which you scribble some basic notes about each run. Over time, these logs can provide very valuable data that helps you note your progress toward your fitness goals, as well as provide ongoing inspiration for your next scheduled run.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that someone has figured out how to create a way to keep a running log on a BlackBerry. Sure enough, a number of fitness-oriented programs for BlackBerry devices have appeared over time. I found Running Log for BlackBerry by Mobiteq ( to be a nice program for this purpose.

Running Log for BlackBerry is designed to act as a basic log, providing a simple form for you to enter some notes each time you complete a run. The program, which installs as an icon on your BlackBerry Applications screen, is very easy to use, and you can get started right away by adding a log entry, as shown in Figure 10-26.

New Entry

Duration: 1 hr 10 rnin sec

Distance: 7 mile

Intensity: Average

Course: milton road (long way)

Pace: 10.00 min/rnile

Calories: 922

Weight: Lb

Average HR (bmp):

Figure 10-26: Entering a new entry in Running Log

You can choose to fill in as little or as much information on this screen as you wish, although obviously the more details you enter, the more historical information you will accumulate over time.

After you have entered your running notes and saved them, your entry is stored in the Runner's Log database and subsequently shows up on the main Running Log list, as shown in Figure 10-27.

Figure 10-27: The Running Log list

Most runners tend to use a couple of well-known routes that they have mapped out in their neighborhood or other runner-friendly locations. Running Log lets you create courses, which are simply named routes that you can then reference each time you add a new log entry. In the example shown in Figure 10-28, I have added two of my own common running routes.

Figure 10-28: The Courses list in Running Log

Once you have built up a number of log entries, Running Log becomes a rich tool for viewing statistics and graphs on your progress in a number of areas, as shown in Figure 10-29. You can choose to view graphs that chart your progress according to duration, distance, calories, heart rate, pace, or weight, shown over a period of time. Use Running Log's statistics to find your longest run, farthest run, fastest pace, or other key statistics.

Figure 10-29: Graphs supported in Running Log

Running Log also provides a way to get your log entries off your BlackBerry and onto your desktop using a simple e-mail export feature. Choose the Export option, and Running Log prompts you for an e-mail address, as well as a date range encompassing the log entries you wish to export. Running Log e-mails a text file to the designated e-mail account. You can then choose to save this to your PC, print it, or import it into a database or other program of your choosing.

Running Log costs $14.49 at the time of this writing and can be purchased at the Mobiteq website,, or the Handango store at A trial version is also available. If you are a biking enthusiast, you may be interested to know that Mobiteq also offers a similar program called Cyclist's Log for BlackBerry.

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